* Nutrient content for 100 g edible portion

Nutrients Foods Nutrient_content Food_Groups
Riboflavin Bajra,barley,ragi,wheat germs and wheat bread (brown) 0.2 microgm Cereal grains and products
Riboflavin Bengalgram,blackgram,greengram,lentil,redgram and soyabean 0.2 mg Pulses and legumes
Riboflavin Amaranthus,carrot leaves,colacasia leaves,curry leaves,fenugreek leaves,gogu,mint,spinach 0.25 mg Leafy vegetables
Riboflavin Gingelly seeds,mustard seeds,niger seeds,sunflower seeds,almond and walnut 0.3 mg Nuts and Oilseeds
Riboflavin Chillies dry,chillies green,coriander and cumin seeds 0.35 mg Condiments and spices
Riboflavin Apricot dried and papaya 0.23 mg Fruits
Riboflavin Egg(hen) 0.26 mg Meat and poultry
Riboflavin Sheep's liver 1.7 mg Meat and poultry
Riboflavin Skimmed milk powder and whole milk powder (cow's milk) 1.5 mg Milk and milk products